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This is the first 10 chapters of John Veltheim's  book on BodyTalk published in 1999. It explains the basic principles and philosophy of BodyTalk as well as outlining the treatment protocol and scope of practice. Many case studies are given and the chapters will inform you of the detailed content of the BodyTalk workshops.


Introduction A new paradigm for health care in the 21st century
Chapter 1 Basic premises of BodyTalk
Body wisdom
Treatment principles
Chapter 6 Respecting the Innate Wisdom
Chapter 2 Innate Wisdom Chapter 7 Treatment principles
Muscle testing - Asking the body
The art of muscle testing
Linking - Restoring communication
Tapping the head and heart
Exaggerated breathing
Chapter 3 Directions from the higher self Chapter 8 What can BodyTalk help - an overview
Chapter 4 Reestablishing Communication Chapter 9 What can BodyTalk help - Module 1
Chapter 5 The sequence of healing Chapter 10 What can BodyTalk help - Module 2
Reproduced with permission from John Veltheim,